Цементија, стимулација, и паковање шљунка

Cementing, Stimulation & Gravel Pack

FRACMASTER Twin cement pumping unit F-I & F-II

  Basic Data Remarks
Equipment Twin Cement Pumping Unit  
Manufacturer Fracmaster  
Model 090  
Year of production 1988  
Max.working preassure 560bars 8160psi
Max. pumping rate 3200 dm3/min 20,1bbl/min
Plunger pumps (2 pcs.) SPM TWS-600  
Max. W.P. 560bars 8160psi
Max. pumping rate 1600 dm3/min 10,1bbl/min
Deck engines (2 pcs.) GM 12V-71  
H.P. 480KS/2100 min-1  
Transmission(2 pcs.) Allison CLT-755  
Deck Engine GM 12V-71  
Booster C. Pump Mission 6x5x12 Driven by Commercial Shearting M51 hydraulic motor
Jet Mixing System Low pressure  
Mixing C.pump Mission 2x3x13 Driven by Volvo hydraulic motor
Driving enginr GM 8V-71 Truck engine
Metering Tanks (2pcs.) 2 x 1600 dm3 2x10,1bbl


Truck IHC, 6X6
Type COF5870 Cab Over
Manufacturer International
Truck Engine GM 8V71
H.P. 304bhp2100 min-1

Allison, HT 750DR

FRACMASTER F-I & F-II Twin cement pumping unit



SEMTwin cement pumping unit

  Basic Data Remarks
Equipment Twin Cement Pumping Unit W/ Data Acquisition end Computing System.
Manufacturer Special Equipment Manufacturing Inc.USA Supplier: Enserv
Year of production 2006.  
Max.working preassure 770bars 11200psi
Max. pumping rate 3180 dm3/min 20,1bbl/min
Plunger pumps (2 pcs.) HT-400  
Max. W.P. 770bars 20bbl/min
Max. pumping rate 1590 dm3/min 10bbl/min
Booster C. Pump Mission 6x5x14 Hydraulically driven
Deck engines (2 pcs.) CAT-15  
H.P. 565bhp/2100 min-1  
Transmission(2 pcs.) Allison M5610  
Ground Jet Mixer Low pressure w/ rotary  jet
Mixing C.pump Mission 3x2x13 Hydraulically driven
  Mission 4x3x13 Mixing pump hydraulically driven
High energy Mixer Mission 5x4x14 Recirculating pump,hydraulically driven

SEM  Twin cement pumping unit


Cement mixing trailer

  Basic Data Remarks
Manufacturer TEM  ROLLIGON  
Name Cement Mixer Trailer  
Model CMF-260  
Year of production 2008  
Vehicle Semitrailer  
Mixing tanks capacity 2 x 1,11 m3   
Length  7340 mm  
Width 2490mm  
Height 3750mm  
Weight 11676  
Drive engine Caterpillar C-7 Diesel Engine  
Centrifugal pumps Mix water pump, booster pump and recirculation pump Mission 3x4  
and  2 x Mission 4 x5

Cement mixing trailer


Portable Bulk Cement Silo Plant

  SILO Up to 6
Producer Rade Končar  
Type TSC -18
Height 6200 mm
Width (Diameter) 2500 mm
Volume 18 m3
Capacity 25 t
Loading Pressurized
Max. discharge capacity 1500 – 2000 kg/min
COMPRESOR Trailer mounted 2
Producer Fagram
Max. pressure 6 bar
Max. capacity 230 dm3/s
Working pressure 3 bar
Max. working pressure 3,5 bar
Length 3762 mm
Width 1650 mm
Height 1615 mm
Engine Four-stroke diesel
Type F5L413FR


Height 3020 mm  
Width 2000 mm  
Volume 2,65 m3  
Capacity 3,8 t  
COMPRESOR Trailer mounted 1
Height 3700 mm  
Width 2340 mm x 2340 mm  
Volume 1,7 m3  
Capacity 2,5 t  

Portable Bulk Cement Silo Plant


Mobile Cement Lab

Lab   eqiupments:

  • Thickening time tester
  • Fluid- loss test apparature
  • Rheological equipment
  • Curing chamber
  • Compressive strength tester
  • Preparation of cement slurry
  • Scale
  • Sampling
  • Balance
  • Portable  cement  laboratory  

Mobile Cement Lab Mobile Cement Lab Mobile Cement Lab Mobile Cement Lab Mobile Cement Lab