Well logging

Well Logging Department

Has different standard resistivity, sonic and radioactivity measurements as well as the Diplog, Vertilog, and Sonnan  instrumentation . Realizing the value of information gathered on the rig time required to run individual tools, we have simultaneous lgging capabilities, which allow an immense amount of data to be gathered quickly and efficiently. The demand for more detailed  data, particularly in exploration wells where reservoir information is at a minimum, we met by buying sidewall coring system.  Core – derived data integrated with logging information provide complete description of reservoir properties.

Cased Hole Services:

As a Department whose reputation was established for completion services, we maintain a high standard of excellence in the  continuing development of shaped charge and bullet perforations. These completion services include casing and through-tubing  perforations. Another example of this commitment to provide better and more complete utilization of information can be seen in our  casing evaluation services. These services reveal more than a simple defects casing: they specifically indentify defect as being  internal or external, and determine their depth and amount of metal loss. To complete the case hole sequence, our Department  offers a full range of production logging services to determine such key factors as point of fluid entry, content and fluid flow rate…

Down Hole Tools

Our Department is supplied with wide span of different tools. Most of them are in good condition, and ready for use. For every  type of logging, we have spare set of tools, so we can say that all types of measurements can be achieved.


Consulting Services & Clients

Well logging consulting services in:

USA, Canada, Venezuela, UAE, Sultanate of Oman, Syria, Jordan, Turkia, Egypt, Kazahstan,  Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Columbia, China, Italy, Spain, Norwey, Austria, Iraq.

Maintenance consulting services in:

USA, Canada, Venezuela, UAE, Sultanate of Oman, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, Kazakhstan,  Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Columbia, China, Italy, Spain, Norwey, Austria, Iraq.

Client`s Company

  • NIS – Naftagas (Serbia)
  • HOTWELL (Austria)
  • Well Services Company:

(Aker Kvaerner Service-Norway, Marjan Oilfield Service-UAE, Gray Wireline  Service-USA, Hotwell Canada-Canada, Prologs-Venezuela, Geotechnica  International-UAE, Crosco-Croatia)

Well logging truck data & equipment

WA equipment:

Truck : Western Atlas 5870 cof6x4

Enginee : Diesel Detroit 6v42 max.power 261 kw

Automatick gear : Allison HT750DRD (i.h.t-486)

Hidraulick pump: Eaton no 762-095

Hidraulick enginee: Eaton no MF-7630-002

Drum spicer: 1241c w/pto

Gear gearmatic: GT-355

Cable: 15/32”, maximal length 8000 m

Generator: Onan 6.0 djb 6kw 120/240V

GO equipment :

Truck : IHC F5050 6X6.

Enginee : Dizel Dertroit 6V-53 210HP

Gear : Fuller RT 613 (I.H.T422)

Hidraulick pump: DYNAPOWER

Hidraulick enginee: EATON No MF-7630-002

Drum spicer: 2 drums

Drum speed: 2 – 150 m/min.

Cable: 7/32″ & 15/16″, MAX. LENGTH 6000 m each

Generator: Onan 6.0 DJB 6KW 120/240V 60Hz

Acquisition system

 WARRIOR 32 bit


Open hole logging services


  • 818 IEL-Induction Electrolog
  • 1503 DIFL-Dual Induction Fokused Log
  • 1229 DLL-Dual Laterolog
  • 3104 ML-Minilog
  • 3104 MLL-Microlaterolog
  • 1016 DIPLOG-High Resolution 4-Arm
  • 1609 BHC-Borehole Compensated Ac.
  • 4203 Caliper Log
  • 2435 CNL-Compensated Neutron Log
  • 2420 CNL-Compensated Neutron Log
  • 2423 Compen. Geothermal Neutron Log
  • 2218 CDL-Compensated Densilog
  • 2227 CDL-Compensated Densilog
  • 1309 GR-Gamma Ray

Logging truck:

  • International WA-2

Acquisition system:

  • CLS, Western Atlas USA
  • ALADIN, Antares Germany

Cased hole logging services


  • CBL-Cement Bond Log
  • RIB-Radial Increment Bond Log
  • GR-Gamma Ray
  • DDN-Dual Detector Neutron
  • NL-Neutron Log

Casing inspection:

  • MFC-Multifinger Caliper
  • FP-Free Point
  • MPZ-Gravel pack log


  • MIT-Multifinger Imagging Caliper
  • MTT-Magnetic Ticknes
  • MAG-Magnelog
  • SL-Sonnan
  • PNN-Pulse Neutron Neutron

Logging truck:

  • WA-4
  • GO

Acquisition system:

  • WARRIOR 32 bit. SDS USA


Multifinger imaging caliper logging

Casing inspection logging


Perforating services

Logging truck:

• WA-4

• GO

Acquisition system:

  • WARRIOR 32-bit SDS USA

Perforating services PLT – production logging services

Logging truck:

  • WA-4

Acquisition system

  • WARRIOR 32-bit SDS USA


  • GR-Gamma Ray
  • T-Temperature
  • FD-Fluid Density
  • WHUP-Water Hold Up (Fluid Capacitance)
  • SF-Spinner Flowmeter
  • BF-Basket Flowmeter
  • FC-Folder Caliper
  • XYC-X Y Caliper
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