Who are this year best in the profession in “Naftagas – oil services”

At the traditional competition in which colleagues from “Naftagas – oil services” measure their professional knowledge, the best locksmiths and welders were selected this year as well. The winning team will represent our company at the “Best in Profession” competition at Gazprom Neft.

The competition consisted of two parts – theoretical, which involved solving tests, and practical, where it was necessary to show professional skills in the field.

Nine teams, consisting of a locksmith and a welder, fought for the victory, and the first three places were taken by teams whose members are:

  1. Aleksandar Stanic and Denis Detki
  2. Srdjan Nenin and Jovo Draskovic
  3. Igor Čelebić and Gabriel Grujić.

As the winners of the competition, Aleksandar and Denis will compete with their Russian colleagues in their categories, and they are already preparing for that.

– Being the best in the competition of nine teams definitely gives us the wind in our backs to compete in Russia. All colleagues showed exceptional knowledge and skills and it was not easy to win. We believe that our experience, concentration and support so far have helped us in that, and we are happy to show ourselves at the competition in Gazprom Neft.

The end of the competition was marked by the awarding of certificates of appreciation to all participants, and the winners were also awarded cash vouchers.