Geophysical Service Department

Geophysical services department – part of NAFTAGAS – Oilfield services LLC – Geophusical exploration and acquisition of data in the field in relation to: deposits of solid mineral resources, groundwater, mineral and thermo mineral water, for the purpose of exploration in mining, construction industry and for other purposes.


Seismic data acquisition 1

Telemetric systems: SERCEL 428 XL France, SERCEL 408 XL, France, (5300 channels), Seismic vibrators, SERCEL, Nomad 65 (10 vibrators, 30 tones)
GPS hardware: LEICA system 1200 – 7 units, LEICA smart 1200 – 1 basic unit, GARMIN GPS – 4 hand sets, Total station 407 – 2 units
GPS software: Laica GeoOffice ver.6

Seismic data acquisition 2

Drilling units: Failing CFD-2 USA, Carey H-100 USA, SBP-150 NIS-NAFTAGAS, Serbia
Hand motor drilling units: Cobra 47LA Atlas Copco Sweden
Gravimeters: La Coste & Romberg model D and G USA
Magnetometers: SW for 2D & 3D Geosoft & ArkGeo (potential field interpretation in conjuction with 2D/3D seis data nad geophysical modeling plus), HW Sun Blade 2000, Proton type GSM-19 GEM System Canada
Resistivity method: Terra-Meter SAS 300 ABEM Sweden, GGA 31 Badenseewerk Germany
Refraction seismics and vibration monitoring: Refraction seismic systems, GEOMETRICS 240 CHANNEL
Instruments for ground vibration monitoring and massive mining control: SUMMIT Vipa DMT Germany, SSU 3000EZ Plus Geosonics Inc. USA
Well logging: Well logging system Geovista UK 2008 with SW
Cathodic protection measurement: Instruments for cathodic protection measurement for CIPS/DCVG CathodicTechnologyLimited Canada & for PCM – Radiodetection UK, Instruments for cathodic protection measurement Pearson USA and Serbia



Oil and gas exploration: Jordan, Iraq, Algeria, AMOCO (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Mineral exploration: Sudan, Turkey, Zambia, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Mozambique
Groundwater exploration: Libya, Iraq, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia
Engineering geophysics: Pakistan, Romania, Turkey, Guinea, Iran, Montenegro
Intellectual services: China, Indonesia, Lybia, Syria

Abroad 2D seismic

ALGERIA 400 km.
AMOCO (Bosnia & Herzegovina) 3.500 km
JORDAN 500 km.
IRAQ 10.100 km.
ROMANIA 180 kм

Abroad 3D seismic

ROMANIA 878 кm2
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