Coiled Turbing Units

DAQ have two main components

  • Hardware (Orion Box inside of Cabin)
  • Software (Orion and Cerberus)

DAQ in combination whit Orion Hardware an Software enabling real-time monitoring parameters like : Wellhead pressure, Circulating pressure, Depth, Pipe Weight, Pipe Light, Speed…, and their recording and later playback.
Using Cerberus we designing the job. Calculate the forces, fatigue and hydraulics to identify potential problems.


This coil tubing unit is consisted of three main components: (1) tractor with wet kit, (2) trailer with cabin, reel and injector head and (3) crane track. the trailer utilize the tractor as the power pack for all power.  the trailer  consist: the control cabin (mounted on the top deck of the trailer), the reel (mounted through the trailer to assure legal road height) and the injector head is mounted on a tilt stand behind the reel to allow tubing to remain stabbed during transit. the stripper is remain mounted to injector during transit.  the coil tubing unit is road legal . the crane truck is special designed for ct injector loading in wellhead area and designed as carrier of ct accessories (generator, high pressure lines, risers, adjustable choke and crossovers). the crane truck is road legal.

This equipment was not design to work on extreme cold temperature.



Technical data:

  • Manufacturer: BOWEN
  • Type: 35 MS
  • Year of production: 1991
  • Regular operative tubing: 1 ¼¨ (diam. 31.75 x 2.2 mm)
  • Recomended max. Operating tubing pulling force: 7800 kg (15 600 lb)
  • Burst pressure of a new tubing: 825 Bar (12 000 Psi)
  • Tubing test pressure: 517 Bar (7 500 Psi)
  • Recomended max. Tubing working pressure: 380 Bar (5 500 Psi)
  • Recomended max. Water circulation through tubing: 151 l/min.
  • Recomended max. operative well depth: 4800 m (16 000 ft)
  • Max. well head working pressure: 350 Bars (5 000 Psi)
  • Max. designed velocity of pulling out and running in tubing:
    76 m/min (250 ft/min)
    with force 7 950 kg (17 500 lb)
  • Reduced velocity of pulling out and running in tubing:
    38 m/min (125 ft/min)
    with force 15 900 kg (35 000 lb)
  • Injecot (max. force): 15 900 kg (35 000 lb)
  • Preventer and sealing assembly: 690 Bars (10 000 Psi)
  • Tubing length on drum: 5 000 m (16 400 ft)


  • Manufacturer: NATIONAL
  • Type: series 600B with telescopic doublesection arrow, hook with one sheave and two ropes
  • Crane reach: 11,6 m (38 ft)
  • Winch power: 7,2 t (15 840 lb)
  • Max. carrying capacity (optimum crane angle): 14 t (30 870 lb)
  • Drive engine: 238 HP at 2 100 rpm


Mud pump:

  • Manufacturer: GARDNER-DENVER
  • Type: PE-8 triplex with plungers
  • Plunger diameter: 63,5 mm    (2,5 ¨)
  • Pump working pressure: 343 bar (5 000 Psi)
  • Pump max. pressure: 686 Bar (10 000 Psi)

This unit doesn` t require precise installment on the well head. It is equipped with high pressure hydraulic hoses, length 35 m, wrapped on three drums, for BOP equipment operation, enabling operations on pony substructure (with own hoist), as well as on higher substructure (with other hoist of higher capacity). BOP equipment and complete injector during operations can be hanged on tracelling block. In this manner drilling operations can be performed on the biggest rigs. This equipment was not design to work on extreme cold temperature.

Transportation sizes:

  • Total unit length with vehicle: 18,30 m
  • Width: 2,50 m
  • Height: 4,15 m
  • Vehicle saddle height: 1,55 m
  • Weight: 52,60 t
  • Number of shafts: 6
  • Highest shaft pressure: 9,30 t

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