Drilling Gas Analyzes

The basis of Mud Logging is to extract, detection and measurement any hydrocarbons that are carried from the wellbore by the drilling fluid and to record actual values for total gas present and also values of individual hydrocarbon components.

Determine the exact concentration of individual hydrocarbons allows for:

  • Determination of reservoir fluid type,
  • Identification gas, oil and water contact,
  • Identification of changes in oil gravity or gas density
  • Determination of specific zones to be tested or fractured,
  • Geosteering of horizontal wells etc


Chromatographic Data Analysis:

  • Gas Ratio Analysis (Pixler Ratio)
  • Triangular Gas Ratio Plot
  • Wetness (Wh), Balance (Bh) and Character (Ch) Ratio
  • Oil Indicator / Reverse Oil Indicator
  • Butane Isomer Ratio


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