Geophysical Services

Geophysical research and data collection in the field refer to: hydrocarbon deposits (oil and gas), mineral deposits, underground water, research needs in mining, construction industry and other purposes.


  • Geophysical survey designing and projecting
  • Geophysical data acquisition
  • Geophysical data processing

Seismic methods

  • Reflective seismic method
  •  Refractive seismic method
  •  Data collection
  •  Preliminary data processing in the field
  •  Monitoring and control of the intensity of induced vibrations

Other Geoph. met.

  • Gravity and magnetics
  • Electrical
  • Exploration of cathodic prevent  and quality  of solation pipe-line casing
  • ​Well loggin

​Seismic Data Aquisition

Telemetric systems

  • SERCEL UNITE France, 9000 channels – wireless acquisition system
  • SERCEL 428 XL France, 4000 channels – cable acquisition system

Seismic sources

  • SERCEL, Nomad 65 (10 vibrators, 30 t)
  • Explosives in the borehole

Drilling units

  • Failing CFD-2, USA
  • Carey H-100, USA
  • SBP-150, NIS-NAFTAGAS, Serbia

Hand motor drilling units

  • Cobra 47LA, Atlas Copco, Sweden


  • HW
    – LEICA system 1200 – 2 units
    – LEICA smart 1200 – 1 basic unit
    – LEICA VIVA – 5 units
    – GARMIN GPS – 4 hand sets
    – Total station 407 – 2 units
  • SW
    – Leica Geo Office ver.8.2


Reflective seismic methods and vibration monitoring

Systems for refractive seismic methods

  • AWD ( Accelereted Weight Drop), P/S 200

Instruments for ground vibration monitoring and massive mining (demolition) control

  • MICROMATE – Instantel®, USA
  • SUMIT Vipa, DMT, Germany

Well logging

  • Well logging system Geovista, UK, 2008, with SW

Cathodic protection measurement

  • Instruments for cathodic protection measurement for CIPS/DCVG CathodicTechnologyLimited, Canada & for PCM – Radiodetection, UK
  • Instruments for cathodic protection measurement Pearson, USA and Serbia
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