Mud Logging

Mud Logging is in fact, examines and analyzes geological information contained in formation cuttings and drilling mud, to determine drilled lithology and oil and gas shows during well drilling. Mud Logging also provides critical safety functions such as determining pore pressure, kick control and ambient gas monitoring.

Mud Logging is an essential tool in enabling operators to achieve their objectives.

Mud logging services collates four main classes of information:
Geological data, obtained by physical examination of drilled cuttings

Hydrocarbon (reservoir and source) data, from analysis of drilled cuttings, gases and mud hydrocarbon content

Surface drilling data (including mechanical, hydraulic and engineering  parameters), to help maintain safety, balance formation fluid pressures and optimize the drilling process control and drilling costs

Downhole drilling data, we integrate parameters from other sources, such as logging while drilling or electric logs which will complement the information which we are providing.

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